Arts & Drama

Enriching minds.

Nurturing souls.


  • Concert Choir

    Our concert choir holds practices during the school day and performs at concerts on campus throughout the year. Concert choir membership is open to all students.

  • Exaltation Choir

    In addition to performing at California Lutheran’s chapels and concerts throughout the year, this traveling choir performs at area churches on Sundays and tours the region. Membership is by audition.

  • Worship Band

    Contemporary Christian music with guitars, bass, percussion, and vocals. Our worship band performs at concerts throughout the school year, and tours the region every other year.

Drama Productions

  • Fall Play

    California Lutheran performs an annual play during the fall that’s open to the public and invites children from local grade schools to attend special performances.

  • Spring Musical

    Our student vocalists and musicians also perform in a musical each spring that’s open to the public, and we invite children from local grade schools to attend special performances.

  • Drama Class

    Drama is offered as three-credit course both semesters as an elective. Students will learn the history of drama, as well as performance, set building, lighting, and sound coordination.

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